Spring-fresh from Swedish Fårö

Each of our collections tells a story. Our spring collection storyline is from scenic Sweden.
From the fascinating, other-worldly island of Fårö. An isolated location where the winds
shaped the landscape and exposed the beautiful natural colours. Surrounded by water and
sea stacks and rocks eroded over the centuries. In the 1800s, all of the Fårö forests were
laid waste by a terrible hurricane. The forests never recovered because the islanders let their
animals graze on all the new shoots and buds. Not until recent times, did people realise that
forests have to be given time to recover. Fascinating!
But there are many facets to this and other collections – from blossoms in full bloom in
subtle shades to colour-crazed stripes and patterns in our essentials range. The diversity of
this wide range is a thrill – simply soak up the inspiration and pick and choose from our new
spring collection that pays tribute to the Swedish perspective and Nordic design tradition. 
With a wave of colour magic and fresh inspiration,


best wishes,