A colourful WINTER in shades of brown


My first stops ahead of the autumn/winter collections 2016 were New York and Santa Fe in New Mexico. Amazing places that fascinate and enchant. Manhattan with its grey splendour, its skyscrapers and dynamic crowds. Just a couple of hours away is Santa Fe with its dark, sand-coloured desert landscape and amazingly beautiful houses with colours that spread joy and inspiration. (See the Christmas Collection due out soon!)


After NORTH AMERICA, the next stop on our planned tour of the world is SOUTH AMERICA. To me, South America is the dramatic Andes, Lake Titicaca, the Amazon Rainforest and the brown alpacas. Alpaca is also a yarn or a fibre that crops up in all the materials proposed by our suppliers. Soft and warm in many, many natural shades of brown, as you will discover in our PATAGONIA Inspired range. Fabulous!


So, what else do we have for you in our winter collection? The Amazon Rainforest naturally represents all things green in the collection. In this range you’ll find the leaves and geometries that are distinctive of the Indian culture. So beautifully and diversely represented in the jungle at the foot of the Andes.


The astonishing SALAR DE UYUNI salt flat in Bolivia provided the backdrop for the natural whites we came up with for the winter collection. Printed tone-on-tone patterns, mostly on wool. (From my latest visit to our manufacturers in Guangdong, I also know that the environmental aspect of the textile printing has now been assured and regulated by Chinese legislation. Complete water purification with the aid of bacteria in the discharge water from the textile printing facilities – I am so pleased!)


Then we naturally also have
• pretty styles in velour and jersey, both solids and prints • a warm and cosy padded coat made of recycled down (an excellent go-green option!)
• many gorgeous Essentials styles, shoes, socks, shawls, beanies and mittens in all this season’s shades
• highlights of our HOME range to round off the catalogue. Sustainable, green and colourful!
Where do you suppose our next stop will be? Nobody knows…