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Blandine Métayer

I Have a lot of good memories "Gudrun" one of my BEST one is last week when I Had a very important job appointment With Ms Minister for Women rights... I was wearing for The first Time my New Gudrun outfit! And I felt So pretty, calm and confident... my Gudrun outfit sent good and positive vibes and my appointment went very very well!!! Thank you Gudrun Sjödèn! You reveal the High potential that each woman own inside herself... Happy 40th Anniversary!












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Vinnare40år_Catherine Cook.JPGCatherine Cook

Hello Gudrun,
We love your clothes and so decided to wear them for our Quaker wedding last year on 24 October. 
We were the first same sex couple to get married in our Meeting House, so there was a full house to celebrate with us. Most people made cakes instead of giving gifts, and my daughter made us a vegan wedding cake.  The little film below shows our friends singing a tribute song, and us looking rather amazed!
We wore the same design top, but different colours and styles of trousers. I will be wearing mine again this weekend, when we celebrate our anniversary. 
Congratulations on 40 years!

Best wishes
Catherine Cook (UK, near Oxford)





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Jane Bower

I am a teacher of the arts, travelling to schools throughout the UK. In 2008 I received a most unexpected booking – a request to run some art courses in the UAE for teachers and trainees. I needed to pack something light, cool, which had good coverage, reflected my passion for well-cut textiles and original design, and which gave a clear message that I was a professional artist with impeccable taste and style. It also had to be practical enough to move easily in and teach in, and easily washable after a hands-on art session. So naturally I reached for my much-loved top and trousers from Gudrun, which I love in every way! Attached is the very first picture of me outside Al Ain Women’s College, ready to meet my lovely students. I still have the outfit and love it even more now as it reminds me of that wonderful teaching opportunity.
Thank you!




Vinnare40år_Michelle Nyberg.JPG

Michelle Nyberg

My very best memory and the start of my love affair with Gudrun’s clothing: 

The year was 1985. I (on the right in the photo) was 13 years old. My cousin and I were going with her mother to the ANC gala, an anti-apartheid fundraiser. It was incredible! Besides all the Swedish rock artists I’d get to see see, and whom I already loved, I also loved Boy George. I dressed up in my aunt’s striped Gudrun clothes and Boy George was a strong role model. I was probably the coolest 13-year-old at the ANC gala. Maybe the only 13-year-old. (My cousin was 12). Then and there I decided to become a “Gudrun lady,” like my aunt, when I grew up. At about age 35, I decided it was time. I felt totally ready to begin the transformation from wearing black into a colorful Gudrun lady. I purchased my first outfit and I was totally in love. Today, about 10 years later, my closet is full of color, joy and love. Thank you, Gudrun! ❤









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