Gudrun Club Rules

Personal details
Gudrun Sjödén is responsible for making sure that the personal details you give to us are not used outside our company. You can contact us at any time to amend these details..

Your bonus
Your bonus will be calculated each year and your membership year starts the day you become a member. The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. Your bonus will be sent in the form of a gift voucher from us during January of the following year. All purchases count – whether on the net or via mail order/customer service. Bonuses can only be calculated and used against purchases made in the country in which you are registered as a customer. If you choose to shop on the net or mail order we will be able to see automatically by your customer number that you are a club customer. All your purchases will then be counted at the end of the year. Bonus purchases cannot be registered at a later date..

Period of validity
You will remain a member of our club for as long as you wish to be and you are welcome to ring, write or e-mail us if you no longer want to take part.

Changes to conditions
You will, of course, be notified of any changes to club rules and conditions, at least a month in advance.