That spring feeling from the lovely Fårö

Each collection has its own story. The spring collection tells a story from scenic Sweden.
From the fascinating and different Fårö. A lonely place where the winds created the
landscape and the beautiful colors. Surrounded by just water and rocks shaped by the
centuries. It was actually in the nineteenth century that a terrible hurricane mowed
down all the forests on Fårö. The forest-was never able to recover as the people let
their sheep graze and eat everything that sprouted and wanted to grow. Not until
our days have people understood that the forest must be allowed to recover. Fascinating!
But a collection has many parts – from the flourishing florals and subdued colors to the
bold and crazy stripes and patterns in the essentials. The full range is fabulous
– just let yourself be inspired and choose from our new spring collection, designed
from our Swedish perspective and in the Scandinavian tradition. 
Great joy of color and new inspiration!