A day inspired by Paris in our Gudrun store in Old Town, Stockholm.

Lotta Nilsson’s Venice

    Wonderful vintage

    Report from Gudrun's Ambassador in Burkina Faso

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      Gudrun's friends' diary

      Sneek peek on Summer 2016's photo shoot

      Unique garment at Liljevalch’s major fashion exhibition in Stockholm

      Utopian Bodies – Fashion Looks Forward

      We are helping to save our forests!

      Gudrun's desktop

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      Most colorful woman!

      Winners of July and August.

      "The Most Colourful Woman of the Year" competition is back!

      Greetings to all our Gudrun Sjödén Vintage supporters!

      Fairtrade shoes

      Gudrun's print fabric shoes - with many inner values...

      Gudrun's good deeds

      Since 2006 we have been working on a project we call Gudrun’s Good Deeds. The initiative is based on ... >>

      Welcome to Gudrun's green world!

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