Retrospective exhibition on Gudrun Sjödén

A colourful journey in the world of fashion

Gudrun Sjödén's journey in the world of fashion began back in the 1970s. It has been a riot of colour and patterns, filled with Swedish folklore and cultures from distant countries. The results are now on display at Kulturen Museum in Lund.

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Sustainable design for more than 35 years...

Fairtrade shoes

Gudrun's print fabric shoes - with many inner values...

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Welcome to Gudrun's green world!

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    Our spring trip to Languedoc and the village of Aniane in the South of France…

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    Marais is a must when staying in Paris!

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      Christmas markets – a cherished tradition all over the world.

      Why do we decorate Christmas trees?

      Exciting partnership with the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York!

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      Try baking our spicy “Pepparkakor”!

      Lucia – Swedish Queen of the Light

      Same Christmas, different traditions

      Snug in bed at Christmas

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      Selected winter favourites at the ICE HOTEL in Jukkasjärvi!

      Winners of Lucky day november