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About the company

About the company

Background, ownership and managment
Gudrun Sjödén Design AB was founded in 1976 by Gudrun and Björn Sjödén. The company is still run by the same owners with Gudrun as CEO/active founder/designer/creative director.

The group of companies within Sjödén Holding AB comprises Gudrun Sjödén Design AB, Gudrun Sjøden AS, Norway, Gudrun Sjödén ApS, Denmark, and Gudrun Sjodén Ltd, UK, Gudrun Sjoden Oy, Finland, Gudrun Sjoden US Inc, USA and Sjödén Förvaltning AB, Neatherlands and the German market Gudrun Sjödén GmbH.
The Board of Sjödén Holding AB company group, including subsidiaries, consists of Gudrun Sjödén (Chairman of the Board) with members Lotta Ahlvar, Lise-Lott Cassmer, Gunnar Ryman and Katarina Sjödén.

Mail order and online sales, and stores
The company group runs mail order and online sales actively in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, France and the USA. It has 12 stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK and USA. Via the Germany subsidiary company, mail order and online sales are active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and there are 6 stores in Germany.

Turnover and employees
In the 2011 calendar year, the company turned over SEK 500 million, and has around 230 direct employees within the group, including the German subsidiary.

Suppliers and countries where our products are made
We manage production of clothing, accessories and home textiles in China, India, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco. We have 30 active suppliers, most of whom we have worked with for more than 10 years. We work actively in the field of CSR on environmental and ethical issues. Membership of BSCI is an important part of this work. Read more under Gudrun’s World/Eco Thinking.

Head office in Stockholm

Gudrun Sjödén Design AB (corporate identity no. 556193-8233)
Box 47 633
Office address: Upplagsvägen 1, Årstaberg
117 94 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel. exchange: +46 8 505 280 80


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