The inspiration for my collections comes from my travels around the world. It might be a place that has stayed in my mind's eye, a pattern created by nature or a person I've met. My inspiration is found in everything that lives and flourishes around us. Always taking organic values into consideration. Learn more about the inspiration for my collections!


LIFE on an island


Do you also have an island in your life? Islands are rather special. A piece of the world surrounded by water. The island dear to my heart has several names - Asken, Storasken, Eknöasken – depending on which map you look at. The size and formation of the islands in an archipelago determine whether they are called an island or an isle, a skerry, holm or reef. Off the east coast of Sweden there are the two large islands of Öland and Gotland… not to mention all the rocks jutting up out to sea. I’ve visited the Azores, Greenland, Iceland, Bali, Zanzibar and Muhu. All fascinating islands. 


ÖLAND – our destination for summer 2018

The island of Öland has an uninterrupted horizon and lush green gardens. So beautiful, peaceful and exciting. With scenery made for our 2018 summer collection.

Our first stop is Neptune’s Fields with its pebbly beach and free horizon. Perfect for our organic knitted and woven fabrics and understated MISTY colourways. We go gardening near Capellagården with pots, flowers and leaves. Lush green and fruity orange embellished with embroidery. Then it’s off to the beach to model swimwear in exuberant patterns with stylised motifs. 

Last, but not least, a rose garden with a warm colour scheme as inspiration. Beautiful prints, simple solids and classic Gudrun ROSES in linen and organic cotton. My favourite fabric is beautiful LINEN. Flax used to be grown in Sweden’s temperate climate for the production of linen. It is sometimes considered environmentally unsustainable as it doesn’t always have the essential and expensive certifications. But in temperate climates, there is no need for irrigation and, in some cases, the process of rotting the plant material to release the fibre is accomplished outdoors using rain water. High on my list of places to visit is a
real flax farm so that I can observe the retting process from
start to finish. 





Spring magazine – NATURE is woven into our garments


At times, I yearn for simple and natural clothes in colours that have an honesty to them. This is the theme for our little spring collection that makes a virtue of simplicity and closeness to nature. These are styles that I will personally be including in my (overfilled) wardrobe. But that means ‘retiring’ other clothes! After checking they are neat, clean and intact, I’ll take them along in a big bag to hand in as second-hand items at our own outlet in Årstaberg, Stockholm. I know just how appreciated the vintage section is by young and older, new and loyal customers.


In this catalogue, we present THREE COLOURFUL personalities modelling clothes from the spring collection teamed with long-lived vintage pieces. Crazed and quirky colour combinations and pattern contrasts – I’m so into this!
Surprise yourself by coming up with a fun outfit combining retro and new styles!





Many moons ago, I decided IT’S TIME to design my own, personal collection of exactly what I wanted to have, to do. Clothes for myself and my kindred spirits. COLOURFUL, ARTISTIC, NATURE-CONNECTED. And when I look through this spring collection and images, that mission is still all in evidence. Clothes shown in nature’s own settings or in a stunning studio environment. In no way do the models in the shots have to be classically photogenic, skinny, tall or coolly impersonal. What I do want, is women of all ages, of all shapes; individuals expressing their own unique personality. That’s the look I’m after! I am also aware that you, my customers, appreciate the style and content of how I present my collections. Big hugs to you all!



Given that I’m at times referred to as “the watercolour-painting entrepreneur”, my personal motifs have taken on softly rounded shapes, typically in the form of flowers or leaves. Because this is how a paintbrush renders a motif, by hand, on fine watercolour paper. And quite unlike what a computer does with its pixels and mathematical precision. The whole idea is for my floral motifs to be printed on textured fabrics such as linen, with its beautiful, natural wrinkling. And then combined in layers of colourways that harmonise or contrast.



As you know, I was schooled in textile arts and crafts originally. As were my co-designers. We all adore handicrafts and folklore from all around the globe. This is true of Pia, Claire and Diana too. Gaze at the gorgeous ranges from pages 16 to 37 and their interpretations of authentic handicrafts, which were then industrially manufactured for us.



In my many years as a designer, quite a lot of my design work has been a form of protest against the strict, ladylike constraints and discomforts of urban fashion. Many designers of my generation have taken matters into their own hands. These trailblazers have also inspired me to boldly go with my own personal style. Elvira, who has been with me for many years, was inspired by designer Vivienne Westwood’s irreverent and quirky combinations of checks, flowers and startling colour combinations. So hip and edgy!



My first collection was simply consisted of a single range of solid-colour essential jersey styles. No more, no less. Two tops, a skirt, briefs, a dress – if I recall rightly. Five simple essential colours: ecru, red, blue, green and black. Three sizes – small, medium, large. I also recall how difficult it was to get the jersey knitted up for us, as we only ventured to produce limited batches of everything. A shortage of customers and a shortage of cash! Because of course, the financial side was the hardest part back in the 70s when my husband and I started the company… TODAY’S ESSENTIALS are in all kinds of styles, colours and fabrics. In fact, Mia and I are hard-pressed to limit ourselves when we come to design our comprehensive essentials range. We have JERSEY in printed designs, stunning stripes and the best in sustainable fibres.
WE HAVE WOVENS in simple and stylish dresses and trousers. And then our functional PARKA, which is out this spring in both a solid-colour version and one printed with round aspen leaves. The KNITS are Mia’s favourite area. She just loves all the refined details the big computerised knitting machines can produce.



Given that we often bring out some pretty way-out colours in our collections, I know that you as customers greatly appreciate all the matching accessories. Personally, I love the shoes with their low heels, broad last with rounded toes and stunning colours. A bag to throw over your shoulders always comes in handy too. But maybe you are longing to see our fabric tote bag that always comes free with your spring-season purchase at our stores. A bag to use year after year – an amazingly durable advertisement (naturally, in organic cotton) for my brand GUDRUN SJÖDÉN.



And of course: where would your home be without all our sensational patterns and colours? Because our Home collection is designed in parallel with our clothing ranges. Often featuring the same designs, reinterpreted in printed curtaining, embroidered rugs, cheerful tea towels and cups/dishes/bowls. Elvira and Linn work hard to get every detail as exquisitely crafted as ever. A whole CATALOGUE will soon be arriving in your letter box as we get ready to embrace the spring season.


Wishing you a green and sunny springtime!