AUTUMN 2017 

The latest collection is always the nicest!

We just know you’ll be amazed by the colours, patterns and
combinations featuring in this autumn collection!
From lush leaves and FLOWERS, stylised circles and genuine
craftsmanship to inspiration in GEOMETRY from Lisbon. But it’s a
long journey for all those of us who work on designing the collection
and the catalogue/online presentation until we are ready to lift the
veil on the latest collection. Now at last, everything is ready and
waiting for presentation to all our customers around the globe. We’re
confident we captured a touch of “Swedish design with a green

In the process, we headed off to India to really understand all the
creative scope available to us in embracing GENUINE
We had to make a number of compromises, as
dyeing fabrics in shades of indigo or bright red means dispensing
with other key techniques. But we just love learning more about
textile manufacturing techniques both in cottage industries and
large-scale factories. Don’t miss the VIDEO of our trip!

In lovely LISBON we gained inspiration during our stay for a few
days in this busy port city with its narrow streets, colourful tiled walls
and lush botanical hothouses. Every city has a botanical hothouse,
and I do so like to visit them. This is typically a good place to find
shelter from sudden cloudbursts for a few restful hours.

As designers, we also love designing our Essentials range. Our
simple, functional styles are given a new lease of life with a new
detail and a whole new range of colours. I personally made the
decision to renew the woven essentials. A striped dress in
lightweight, slubbed cotton was given an additional club price to
ensure you don’t have to do without a striped or solid-colour variant.
The JAPANESE CHARACTERS I found on Pinterest became my
theme. The catalogue presents essential garments in a slightly
different way than before, but if you find it difficult to find your way
around the range – do get in touch! 

Everything, including the shoes, is available in the
whole autumn cascade of colours. We adore COLOURS!
AUTUMN 2017 is our very finest collection!