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+ I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

On the log in page, there is a "Forgotten your password?" link that will take you to a page where you can fill in your e-mail address.

A new, temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address you have registered with Gudrun Sjödén when you click on "Send". Once you have logged in using your temporary password, you will be asked to change it to a password of your choice, of at least six characters long.

My orders

+ I have just bought some items from your webshop. Why can’t I see my order on My Pages?

Usually, you can see your order on My Pages immediately after you have ordered. But there are some exceptions: if your order needs to be checked and maybe adjusted by our Customer Service team before they make up your invoice, you will not be able to see your order on My Pages until after they have processed it. This may be because you have written a message to Customer Service or because you have entered a discount code.

+ Can I change an order or change my mind about making a purchase?

There is currently no facility to do this on My Pages. Our customer services team can be contacted and if your order has not yet been processed it can be amended or cancelled.


+ I have returned my order. Why have I not yet received a refund?

Normally it takes 5-10 days for the returns to reach us and to processed and it can take another 3-5 days for any refund to who on your account. If you have requested an exchange order the return will be credited to your new invoice. If your exchange item is sold out we will refund you for the item returned.

+ How do I return items?

If you are returning items for refund then you can return them using Royal Mail or another method at your cost. Alternatively you can return using UPS but there is a £10 charge for this service. If you are returning for an exchange then you can return them using UPS and there is no charge. Alternatively you can return using Royal Mail or another method at your cost.


+ Can I search for (track&trace) my parcel on the internet?

You can search for your parcel using the tracking number e-mailed to you by UPS when your order was dispatched. Alternatively you can telephone our customer services and they can do this for you.

Search for your parcel on

+ What does “Your order is unclaimed” mean?

It means your parcel has not been picked up from the delivery point and has been sent back to us.

Contact information

Here you can see the personal details you have registered with us and you can update them yourself. Please note that if you change your e-mail address, you must log in with it the next time you want to log into the webshop and My Pages.

+ I want to change my password. What should I do?

If you want to change your password, you must first give us your current password and then a new password consisting of at least six characters. You must then repeat the new password so that it matches the one you gave exactly.

+ I have moved. How do I change my address with you?

You can always change your address on My Pages, but if you have moved abroad, please contact our Customer Service team with your change of address.

Freephone: 0800 056 9912

My bonus vouchers

+ Why don’t I have any bonus vouchers?

We give bonus vouchers to club members who have spent at least £400 in a calendar year. You can read more about bonus vouchers in our club information »

+ How can I check if I will be getting a bonus voucher?

If you would like to see your purchases and the amount you still need to spend in order to receive a bonus voucher, go to "My orders"

My subscriptions

+ How do I register to receive Gudrun Sjödén mailings?

Keep up to date with everything that is happening in Gudrun’s world by ticking the box to order our catalogues, newsletters or SMS texts on the My subscriptions page, and you will receive all our colourful news.

+ How do I unsubscribe to Gudrun Sjödén mailings?

We are sorry that you no longer want to receive news from us, but unsubscribing is as easy as subscribing. Go to My subscriptions and untick the box for newsletters and/or SMS messages. Then click SAVE to complete the unsubscription process.

+ I have unsubscribed. Why am I still receiving newsletters from Gudrun Sjödén?

Sometimes we may have already saved your e-mail address to a list for the next mailing before you have unsubscribed from our newsletters. Unfortunately this means you will receive the mailing that was already prepared, but after that you will no longer receive any newsletters from us.