93% of our products are currently produced from sustainable materials!


Gudrun Sjödén’s own ecolabel

An entire collection to be proud of.
We aim to have as many of our products as possible produced in an environmentally-friendly way, not just a limited and exclusive line.

One of the trademarks of my work through the years has been our focus on sustainable design and the inspiration I find in nature’s flora and fauna. Environmental awareness has evolved over the decades, wandering in and out of fashion. From the first tentative, almost unfeasible efforts of the 1980s, through our first eco-collection in the 1990s to today, when green is taken for granted. We believe that the small steps enable us to achieve the big results. We are therefore working hard to increase the percentage of environmentally sound products in our collections. 

In the forest of ecolabel systems, we felt that having our own label would be an easy way for our customers to find their way around our collections. In 2008 we introduced our own eco-labeling system, which we called our Leaves label. Now in 2017, with so much happening in the field of sustainability all over the world, it is time for an update. Next to each garment representing an eco-friendly choice, you’ll now be seeing the following symbols, in a system we call Gudrun’s Good Guide:



Gudrun’s Good Fiber

These products are made entirely or partly from materials grown and developed from a sustainable perspective. The fibers and materials we classify as a good environmental choice are organically grown, recycled fibers, naturally retted flax, lyocell Tencel®, Lenzing Modal®, silk, alpaca, vegetable-tanned leather, as well as wood and rubber. We impose requirements for transparency and we audit manufacturer certification.



good_manufacturing.pngGudrun’s Good Production

The product has been produced completely or largely in controlled factories that use the best possible processes for health and the environment. We set high standards to ensure that all leading processes in production are certified, in some cases all the way to the sewing factory. Our manufacturing practices comply with standards such as GOTS, Fairtrade and STeP by OEKO-TEX.




Gudrun’s Good Deed

These items are sold to benefit various charitable causes.