FALL 2017 

The latest collection is always the most beautiful!

What colors, what patterns, what combinations you’ll discover in the
fall collection!From winding leaves and FLOWERS, stylized rings
and genuine craftsmanship to GEOMETRIC inspiration from Lisbon.
But for all of us who work on the collection, catalog and website, it’s
a long journey to reach our goal. At long last, everything feels
finished and ready to be presented to you customers all over the
world. We believe we’ve captured hints of “Swedish design with
a green soul”…

While the work was underway, we traveled to India to gain a true
understanding of what opportunities are available when we want to
work with GENUINE CRAFSMANSHIP. We had to make some
compromises, as we missed certain essential methods when dyeing
with indigo or madder red shades. But we love learning more and
more about textile techniques, both hand-crafted and in big factories.
Don’t miss watching the VIDEO from our trip!

While in beautiful LISBON for a few days, we were inspired by the
bustling port city, with its narrow streets, colorful tile walls and lush
botanical glass houses. Yes, major cities always have botanical
glass houses, and I always want to visit them. They often offer
shelter from surprise rainstorms for a few peaceful hours.

We designers also love working with the essentials range. Our
simple, functional garments gain new life with a little detail and a
brand new palette. As for me, I opted to renew the woven essentials.
A striped dress in thin cotton with a slub effect has an extra club
price, so that you don’t miss it in stripes or solids. JAPANESE
CHARACTERS, which I found on Pinterest, became my theme. In
the catalog, we are now presenting the essentials garments
differently than before. If you have a hard time finding what you’re
looking for in the range – then let us know! 

Everything, even the shoes, is available in the entire cascade
of autumnal colors. We love COLORS.

FALL 2017 is absolutely the most beautiful collection!