Gudrun Sjödén

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    • Belém  cotton runner
      Belém cotton runner
      Price $ 89
    • Origami  cotton rug
      Origami cotton rug
      Price $ 29
    • Voff  eco-cotton bathroom mat
      Voff eco-cotton bathroom mat
      Price $ 34
    • Striped cotton runner
      Striped cotton runner
      Price $ 69
    • Folia  tiny rug in cotton
      Folia tiny rug in cotton
      Price $ 26
    • Squirrel  doormat in coir
      Squirrel doormat in coir
      Price $ 44
    • Flower bathroom mat in eco-cotton
      Flower bathroom mat in eco-cotton
      Price $ 38
    • Måla rug in cotton
      Måla rug in cotton
      Price $ 144
    • Polkagång rug in cotton
      Polkagång rug in cotton
      Price $ 88
    • Embroidered  Grandiosa  wool rug
      Embroidered Grandiosa wool rug
      Price $ 425
    • Tic-Tac  cotton rug
      Tic-Tac cotton rug
      Price $ 89

Gudrun’s cotton and wool rugs are artworks for walking on!

Cotton and wool rugs have a magical, fairy-tale feel to them. Rugs, and mats too, for every interior. Colorful, multi-patterned and soft – and full of character. Beautifully expressive cotton and wool rugs that feel great underfoot and are soft enough to sit on. What a luxury! You might even get the idea they could fly away and spirit you off to faraway lands.