Gudrun Sjödén

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    • Mariebelle cushion cover in eco-cotton
      Mariebelle cushion cover in eco-cotton
      Price $ 54
      Club price $ 44
    • Estella  eco-cotton cushion cover
      Estella eco-cotton cushion cover
      Price $ 39
    • Hund  cushion cover
      Hund cushion cover
      Price $ 29
    • Folia  linen cushion cover
      Folia linen cushion cover
      Price $ 44
    • Kungsfågel  eco-cotton cushion cover
      Kungsfågel eco-cotton cushion cover
      Price $ 39
    • Origami eco-cotton cushion cover
      Price $ 28

Colorful organic cotton cushion covers

You’ll know the comfort of resting your head against a soft cushion. So, take a load off and lie back in a corner with an organic cotton cushion to lean on and dip into your favourite book. Do you have a cuppa within reach? That’s everyday luxury!

In a solid-color sofa, decorative organic cotton cushions add an eye-catching accent. Mix different cushion colors, materials and sizes to give your sofa a new lease of life. A good tip is to keep a few variants stashed away, so you can swap the cushions out for a new look once in a while.