Exploring the Feng Shui-inspired Oasis in Bavarian Forest 22 september 2023 by Michaela Grimm
Exploring the Feng Shui-inspired Oasis in Bavarian Forest


There is not only forest near where we live, but also something surprising for the Bavarian Forest.
The neighboring community of Lalling has designed a small lake and its surroundings according to Feng Shui principles.




There is a circular path around the lake. The bars symbolize the yin and yang points. If you put both bridges together, you get a circle that reflects the harmony.

The spacious park shows at various stations how Eastern natural sciences and Western ancient knowledge complement each other.



Celtic house, theme gardens, organ and chakra path, orchards and wild herb meadows and much more.

Information boards explain the individual elements.
But even without this background knowledge, the park offers the opportunity to “slow down” from the stress of everyday life and recharge your batteries, let your feet dangle in the water of the spa park and let the special harmony work its magic on you.

I love this place of peace and quiet – here I listen to my thoughts ¬ in the NOW.




If you want to visit the park, search for “Feng-Shui-Kurpark Lalling”. It’s a public park where courses and guided tours are offered all year around. 

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