Painting a chair

Why not finally give that chair, that hallway or that kitchen a fresh lick of paint? Let Gudrun’s colourful country home on the island of Asken in the Stockholm archipelago serve you as a source of inspiration!


Here’s what you need (available at DIY stores):

Fine-grit sandpaper
Matt primer
Tempera paint or else paint of your choice.
Acrylic paint (in tubes)
Brushes in a variety of sizes


1. Sand the surface.

2. Paint with white primer.

3. If applicable, mix tempera paint.

4. Paint with a small brush.

5. Pencil on a pattern.

6. Fill in the pattern with acrylic paint.

7. Done!

8. Publish on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook.

9. Don’t forget to use #gudrunpaintingtogether.

10. Watch the number of likes go through the roof!