Easy-to-wear leggings – mix and match with everything!

Add colour to your legs! Try stripes, dots and flowers. Or let your favourite colour speak for itself. Choose from our range of fine and thick leggings to match with everything in your wardrobe – for both casual and dressed-up occasions!  

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What exactly are leggings? You could say that leggings or tights, as they are also called, are thin, body-hugging trousers with a comfortable elasticated waistband. When it comes to fabric and cut, leggings and tights are similar. The difference is that leggings are usually footless. Another key difference is that leggings are opaque rather than see-through, which means you can wear them with shorter tops. In fact, leggings are a real super garment that pairs comfort and style in an unbeatable way!

Are you in the process of building a wardrobe of essential items? A pair of black cotton leggings is exactly one of the key pieces to include. You can wear them with a dress, tunic, blouse, blazer – virtually any item of clothing. With two pairs in your wardrobe, in a thicker and thinner material, you’ll secure your style for the whole year.

What’s the best way to style your leggings? As always when putting an outfit together, it is important to think about the big picture. If you like to wear solid-colour dresses, they can look great paired with leggings patterned with dots, flowers or stripes. And vice versa... choose solid-colour leggings to go with dresses and tunics with a printed pattern. One style tip is to pick out a colour from the pattern of the dress and buy leggings in the same colour. The overall look will be cohesive, harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Complete the look with a pair of shoes chosen for the occasion. Leggings have the great advantage of matching easily with most types of footwear, from boots to more dainty shoes, like ballet pumps and sandals.