Gorgeous green organic cotton

Organic cotton is as soft and comfortable as it is green! It is a durable fabric for clothing that makes no compromises on comfort. Here we offer you a choice of soft, organic cotton clothing and homeware – from our classic striped essential sweater to new enchanting styles that are designed to last for years.

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What are the properties of organic cotton? Organic cotton is a natural fabric with good breathability and absorption, making it very comfortable to wear next to the skin. It is also a hard-wearing fabric that lasts through years of use and never goes out of fashion. 

Organic cotton is always a good choice because it is grown without the use of any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. This is beneficial to the soil where the cotton plants are grown and, by extension, good for local communities and their drinking water. With this in mind, it is not difficult to understand that organic cotton clothing also means more environmentally-friendly clothing.

Most of our garments and many of our beautiful home textiles are represented in our extensive organic range. Are you looking for a top or sweater made of organic cotton? Our classic striped essential sweater is a favourite that pops up in collection after collection. Wear it as a base layer according to our principle of layering and you’ll be guaranteed comfort all day long. Our organic cotton trousers are perfect for workouts and everyday adventures too. We also have a variety of lovely dresses made of organic cotton that can be dressed up and down to match your mood and the occasion. Our organic cotton home textiles range from beautiful tablecloths and curtains to practical placemats. Pick your favourites and enjoy them for many years to come!