Unique skirts for every occasion

Get your style swirling with a skirt! We have a wide choice of skirts and petticoats in solid colours and with patterned designs in a range of styles and colours. All uniquely designed using natural fibres for festive occasions and everyday wear.

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Whether you are looking for a skirt for a wedding, New Year or to wear to the office, you’ll find one to suit! If you’re after a party look, choose a skirt with a pattern or a longer skirt crafted from silk, velour or other luxurious fabric. A calf-length skirt in a muted shade is an ideal style to wear to the office. A skirt in a breezy woven fabric is perfect if you want an elegant everyday look and prefer a more bohemian vibe. 

How do you match your skirt? We want to put in a good word for matching sets! In other words, choose a blazer and skirt, or sweater and skirt, with matching colours or designs. This creates a stylish, elegant, coordinated look that works for most occasions. Try pairing a tank top or a t-shirt with your skirt in the summer, and a knitted cardigan and pair of warm tights to complement the look in the winter. The layered look is also a hot tip for colder days! Start with a lace underskirt, add a dress and finish with a knitted cardigan and an elegant coat and you’re ready to face the world! 

Many of us often wonder what shoes to wear with a skirt. There are no cut and dried rules for this, but there are a few things you might like to keep in mind. A pair of light sneakers or ballerina shoes often match well with a long, flowing skirt. The shoes complement the look without stealing the show. Shorter, closer-fitting skirts, on the other hand, usually look chic matched with chunkier footwear with a higher shaft, like a pair of boots. The overall look is coordinated and stylish, with the footwear and skirt balancing each other in an eye-pleasing way.

Whatever advice you choose to take on board, we are sure that your legs will thank you for the more free and breezy feel that comes with your new skirt – three cheers for happy legs!