Mix and match

Find inspiration for your next outfit! The clothes and accessories that we’ve gathered here from current collections pair particularly well together. Everything from sweaters and dresses to shoes and accessories. Pick and choose as you please, or go for the combos we’ve created – you decide on your unique style!

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What’s the secret to mixing and matching? That question is as old as the art of dressing itself! Of course, there are no right answers, but here are some tips to help you along the way. You probably know that we’re big fans of wearing layers. For the first layer, choose clothes made of fine, breathable fabrics, like our popular lyocell/elastane jersey polo-neck top or an airy organic cotton petticoat. Then add more layers to suit the season and weather. Knitwear is a good choice for the winter months. So perhaps a wool cardigan with a coat or parka. For the summer, we recommend adding garments in cool, flowy fabrics, such as linen, silk and organic cotton. 

When it comes to pairing colours together, we advocate an indulgent take. Colour is happiness, so don’t stinge on it! Mix lots of different colours and create compelling contrasts that stand out. If you prefer a more reserved style, match natural shades of grey, white, black and brown. This achieves a more subtle and harmonious pairing instead of a completely monochromatic look. 

What about patterns then? Can they be mixed and matched? Definitely! The trick is to choose patterns in the same colour scheme. This lets you match bold patterns with more dainty ones, dots with stripes or flowers and knitted with jersey fabrics. Another tip is to pull it all together with a scarf that stands out in contrast. You could, for example, tie a solid-colour scarf around your waist or wear it classic-style around your neck if that suits you better. Our final tip – add a solid-colour piece to create a longer silhouette. A slip or underskirt perhaps. 

Accessories really do add the finishing touch, don’t you think? When you put an outfit together, it’s the overall look that matters. And no style is quite complete without the cherry on top! Here, of course, we are talking about accessories. This could be a beautiful scarf or shawl, a beanie, bracelet or necklace or a pair of cheery-coloured or patterned tights. When deciding which accessories to wear, it’s very important to think about bringing the whole outfit together. What colours are my clothes? Can I match them or do I need a pop of contrast? Is there any pattern in my clothes that can be mirrored and emphasised with an accessory? These are all important questions to ask yourself when deciding which accessories to wear.