1text_uk.pngSophisticated styles crafted from beautiful, comfortable fabrics.

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Organic cotton and silk blend together in this beautiful tunic whose either side you can wear at the front. 

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This quintessential Gudrun tunic with a stylised floral motif is perfect for dancing!

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Sophisticated styles and fine fabrics.

5text_uk.pngwere worn by the Ballets Russes dancers

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7text_uk.pnglike a plume of feathers.

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8text_uk.pngTreat yourself to a shawl made from a light, luxurious fabric. 

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Charming! This dress is crafted from a beautiful crepe fabric.

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10text_uk.pngare a classic combo – mix and match the patterns and create a look of breezy elegance...

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Patterns in gold and silver. Treat yourself to a tunic with a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

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A dazzling dress with a beautiful drape – for both the ballet or the everyday.

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with a pretty V-neck, snug side pockets and trumpet-shaped sleeves.

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