Beautiful, hand-painted wallpaper makes for a lovely backdrop

Rustic prints with motifs reminiscent of historic portraits on castle walls.
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An embroidered linen jacket

Take a look »

Delicate rosy designs and medallion flowers in a gentle pastel palette, ranging from ecru and pink to blue-turquoise

1. ”Ebba” jacket »  2. ”Sofia” dress »  3. ”Sofia” trousers »
4. ”Elsa” apron »
  /  ”Lina” dress »

The large portraits adorning the walls depict kings and queens from centuries past

Tone-on-tone embroideries adorn this sleeveless dress »

Läckö castle is the perfect backdrop for our romantic princess-inspired styles

A smock blouse and embroidered sleeveless dress, made from a soft cotton/linen weave. 
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OUR PATTERNS reflect the castle's beautiful interior

Beautiful murals work in harmony with our lovely “Astrid” jacquard-knit cardigan in pink »

Pale pink walls and leaded stained-glass windows

Shades of grey, pale leaf green and blue-green artemisia pop up here and there

Lavishly adorned – our embroidered cardigan completes any outfit.

Rambling flowers and delicate roses
inspired by LÄCKÖ castle

Our princess wafts about in shades of BLUE – the “Elisabeth” dress and smock blouse were both inspired by Läckö castle.

A sheer pleasure to wear

is our enchanting recycled-cotton voile skirt. 
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The royal maid

chooses a simple jacket with a softly rounded shape to ward of a chill »

COMFY and generously cut

with cheery small patterns in the form of stripes and zigzags. 
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Having asked for props from the garden, we're given a large bunch of cardoon foliage – much better than the shy little flowers from the market in town.

Inspiration courtesy of an enchanted castle, captured by Gudrun and her enchanting team.



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