I am referred to as the watercolour-painting entrepreneur in my book, MY PORTFOLIO. It’s an appropriate name. I’ve always kept both sides of my brain actively occupied – colourfully and creatively along with mathematical thinking. I find it really stimulating and enjoyable switching between painting floral patterns, designing a collection and working with the business side of my company!

One of the biggest perks is being able to meet and talk with you, our customers. Being told “you changed my life with your colours and designs” by a happy and grateful customer who found her own style, the Gudrun style. Whether it’s a chatty American in the Greene Street store in New York. The German lady I encountered at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. Or everyone who says hello to me on the street outside our office in Stockholm.

You can see from the photos in this Anniversary Catalogue that I’ve picked out my absolute favourite designs and colours to create a collection. Filled with roses, dots and zigzags. Black & white, pink & red and indigo blue colour schemes. Warm red combined with natural brown and grey is another colour scheme I sometimes use. Especially when we use natural plant dyes.

I can hardly believe that I’ve had my own brand and been creating collections for 45 years – it’s quite amazing! The years roll on with numerous collections and catalogues – at least six a year. That amounts to about 300 collections since the start. But the latest collection is always the MOST BEAUTIFUL!