How do you like “my” Santa Fe?
Isn’t all this Mexican-influenced vibrancy just beautiful?

There is a cabinet in my dining room that I’m gradually filling with crockery and textiles.

1. Tray  /  2. Tea mug  /  3. Tea towel  / 4. Tea towel /  5. Table runner /  6. Placemat  /  7. Ceramic bowl /  8. Cream jug  /  9. Ceramic mug  /  10. Ceramic mug

Block stripes, triangles and little dots

All our favourites united on one tablecloth. 
Snap up the “Santa Fe” tablecloth »

A magnificent tablecloth

with a block-printed pattern. 
To the “Paloma” tablecloth »

Our COLOURFUL “Kelim” rug 

Crafted using a new weaving technique, this all-wool rug comes with a distinct pattern. With this in my dining room, I feel immediately transported to Santa Fe.

View the wool rug »


A multitude of stripes

Add colourful splendour to your kitchen!
View the “Santa Fe” tea towel »


Fun and stripes

Dress the table with bold patterns. 
Treat yourself to the “Santa Fe” tablecloth »

All of my walls are painted with my own, homemade egg oil tempera. You can also buy ready-made tempera emulsion from art supply stores. Just mix it with powdered pigments or acrylic paint from a tube.

Pick and choose

This bath mat comes in three colourways with different patterns. Which one matches your bathroom best?
View the “Solig” bath mat »

Lift your spirits with a colourful tea towel. 

Snap up yours »

A standout piece

Which part of your home will it give a lift? 
Shop the “Santa Fe” floor runner »



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