Colourful styles with striking patterns.

Like a work of art

This tunic comes in a range of colourways, each of which has its own, uniquely beautiful pattern.
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Warm and wonderful

Enjoy the cosy warmth of this wool-blend headband.
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Jacquard-knit patterns

on 100% organic cotton.
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Stay warm in a wool coat

Get set for autumn’s ever-changeable weather.
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Knitted from marvellous wool

Treat yourself to a lovely long coat – choose from three stylish colour combinations.
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Folk-art-inspired pattern splendour

Choose pink for a warm vibe, or black for striking contrasts.
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Last autumn’s best-loved pattern

is now available on a cosy jacquard-knit cardigan.
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Did you know that wool is a real marvel of a fabric? It keeps you warm when its’s cold and cool when it’s hot – characteristics that are much appreciated during seasons that see temperatures bouncing up and down.
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