Essential knits – florals

Knitwear made from choice materials.

“Mosippa” recycled cotton cardigan

1text_uk.pngin beautiful natural tones.
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Knitted organic wool waistcoat

Update your wardrobe with a knitted sleeveless jumper.
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Knitted organic wool waistcoat

3text_uk.pngfashioned from soft organic merino wool.
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Solid-coloured wool with mood-lifting accents.
Wool cardigan

4text_uk.pngwill add the finishing touch to your Gudrun look.
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“Mosippa” dress in recycled cotton knit fabric


Why not lighten things up with a striped top underneath?
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“Mosippa” recycled cotton cardigan

Autumnal colour shifts

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The “Fruits” cardigan
“Joyce” recycled/organic cotton coatigan

7text.pngThe artistic “Joyce” cardigan – a unique look.
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Tunic in a recycled linen knit fabric

A lovely lustre

Linen is a fabulous fabric that lends particular depth to our colours.
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FAVOURITE “Daisy” sweater in a recycled cotton blend

9text.pngA recycled-cotton-blend sweater set to become a go-to favourite.
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