In my case, my hands and my heart are clearly the most ­important vessels of my creativity. Time and time again, I try to turn this creativity into exciting new products and collections. Like a golden thread, textiles have been weaving their way through my life for many, many years. Before industrial manufacturing took over, textile production was a craft. My own roots in Sweden’s rural heritage continue to be a source of inspiration for my designs, be it for clothes or home textiles.


THIS HIGH SUMMER RANGE WAS INSPIRED BY A LOVELY, GREEN WATERCOLOUR PAINTING which I had painted for our autumn 2020 essentials ­photoshoot. The effect of those green hues and lovely roses in different sizes and colours was quite enchanting. So when it came to designing this little high summer range, the painting caught my eye, and I thought, why not have one of our suppliers turn it into a summer dress, and have them print it on a large piece of fabric as well. I just love how our suppliers can turn a watercolour painting into a textile pattern with such apparent ease!

Our digitally-printed “Rosewood” cotton dress looks like a largescale water­colour painting.

OVER THE PAST YEAR OR SO, I HAVE GONE BACK TO STYLING CERTAIN COLLECTIONS MYSELF, that is to say putting outfits ­together and conceptualising pictures. It is great fun to be a part of the entire process – from the idea for a garment to its visual presentation with which we hope to enchant you, our customers. For this range, we went to Siggesta Gård on the island of Värmdo, just outside of Stockholm. There are several beautiful buildings on the estate ­besides the centuries-old manor house. Our ­photo team was allowed to use the so-called forge; a red timber building that has been converted into a fantastic hotel apartment. I imagine that an iron vitriol treatment has given the grey wood panelling its shabby-chic look. Iron accessories and grey, natural-linen bedding provide a rustic feel, while the cactuses that are dotted around the place seem to bring nature inside.

5.jpg“ROSANNA” – a profusion of roses on organic-cotton jersey.

WE’VE BROUGHT HELLEBORES, those beautiful winter roses, to use in our indoor shots. They thrive best in cold outdoor conditions though.Rather than shopping for paintings in shades of pale white to use as props, I take matters (that is to say brushes) into my own hands and paint a pale-green dress and a large white flower on a piece of plywood. Simple as that! We put some pattern designs on display on a clothesline, with a few shawls and straw hats thrown in for good measure. The beauty of our surroundings makes it easy to achieve an artistic, aesthetically ­appealing look. Delightful! The whole team has a great day and CREATIVITY is flowing.

So join us on our trip to Siggesta Gård and enjoy a spring day in beautiful natural surroundings, just a stone’s throw from the big city. What a joy it was for us on the Gudrun team to work on these lovely pictures, showcasing all those wonderful natural materials. 

7.jpgSiggesta Gård on Värmdö island.



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