These stripes are stars

They brighten up any room with their glorious shades of red, green and blue.

Pretty polka dots

Our charming polka-dot tableware is so simple yet so pretty.  
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This collection comes with fun stripes and plenty of playful polka dots on both clothes and homeware.

The pattern that will perk you right up

The polka dots on our lovely “Prillig” coffee mug will make your morning.
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A rug that truly deserves the word 

Authentic craftsmanship made from hand-woven wool. With detailing in a cheeky shade of pink.
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Form & function

This wonderful apron comes in a mix of vibrant colours that keep it looking clean for that little bit longer.
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Polka dots – so simple yet so effective!

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Let your true colours show in your wardrobe and your home. 

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Cheery colours. Why not take two?

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Our soft, waffle-textured tea towel is now available at club price.
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