What intense colours – what an enchanting pattern!

Patterned clothes in organic cotton

The floral design and neat check pattern make a beautiful match.

The trip and travel diary


A couple of old wooden rowing boats are on the river bank. Our photographer Mats goes to find the owner. They belong to the rural life museum and we’re welcome to row out in them. Despite being late in the evening, it’s still full daylight – fantastic.

Spring style by the water

A knitted coatigan sprinkled all over with hepatica is perfect for walks in springtime.
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Green & gorgeous
Blåsippa sweater crafted from organic and recycled cotton.
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Harmonious check
A perfect match with all floral designs.
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North – South

On a voyage of discovery through the magical colours of nature


The slow-flowing water of the majestic river provides the perfect setting for our blue hepatica flower design.

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