“Blomstjälk” wool rug  rosewood
“Blomstjälk” wool rug  rosewood
“Blomstjälk” wool rug  rosewood
“Blomstjälk” wool rug  rosewood
“Blomstjälk” wool rug  turquoise
“Blomstjälk” wool rug  turquoise
“Blomstjälk” wool rug  turquoise

“Blomstjälk” wool rug

A masterpiece of statement block stripes in melange woollen yarn and embroidered flower stalks. Adorn your floor with this rug, or hang it on the wall!

94710 140 x 215 cm
Price: US$450
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Take-2-price: US$15 units
Price: US$19
Price: US$34
80% wool/20% cotton. Wool weft and cotton warp. Cotton embroidery. Dry clean only. Made in India.

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Beautiful loose floor coverings can alter and enhance a whole room. Aside from the warm and homely appeal of our rugs and mats, they also dampen sound. But not least, a room with finely crafted rugs has a stylish, sophisticated look. Our spring range features mats and rugs for every function and interior. The lovely “Blomstjälk” rug, created for the Summer 2018 exhibition in Minneapolis, with its lovely block stripes and cheery embroidered flowers won’t go unnoticed. Step inside and wipe your shoes on the functional coir mat with its flowing roses and leaves, and dress up small interiors with our embroidered “Artemis” sprig motif – the neat size makes it fit any floor. For long floorspaces, and to dampen the sound of creaking floorboards and footfall, go for our pretty “Kreta” or “Perenn” floor runners.