Slip into a cardigan – warm, beautiful and versatile!

A warm style is needed when autumn draws near and summer evenings turn cool. We love designing unique, colourful and richly-patterned cardigans to suit every female figure – enjoy picking a favourite or two!

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What cardigan should I choose? It’s sensible to think about style and occasion when choosing a cardigan. Match your party dress with a chic essential cardigan or an elegant wrap cardigan in a complementary colour. Or brighten your everyday style with a knitted coatigan that keeps you snug and creates an interesting silhouette. No matter what your days look like, cardigans are always a welcome staple in the wardrobe. 

When it comes to yarns and materials, there is a lot to consider when choosing a cardigan. In the autumn and winter, you need something that keeps you warm, like a knitted wool cardigan or a coatigan with buttons. In spring and summer, go for a thinner jersey cardigan, like a lyocell, modal or organic cotton cardigan. A knitted cotton cardigan is a good choice for nippy summer evenings to keep you warm into the early hours.  

Choice of design and colour is important too! We have lots of cardigans in different styles with patterned designs and wonderful colours. If you are looking for something more demure, we have solid-colour cardigans and black cardigans in our range too. A dotted, striped or floral cardigan is a good choice if you like to create a statement and inject a dash of fun. Embroidered and solid-colour cardigans are perfect for casual and elegant everyday style. Choose the colour to suit your mood or the season. Warm, rich hues in the autumn and punchy pastels in the spring – or follow your heart and wear the palette the way you want!