Multiple layers in various
shades of blue

Originally the blue often comes from INDIGO

Many shades in the red palette
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Creating something really simple is the hardest thing to do
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THE BEAUTY OF simple things
SIMPLY FASHION – in various shades of blue, cherry red or ripe tones of grey

All in the best NATURAL FABRICS for feel-good clothing. Which means linen and organic cotton, NATURAL SILK and wool blends. All colours are in a palette of harmonising shades. Some nuances of blue with DARK INDIGO BLUE as the most important.

The red tones are dominated by the colour we call grape, a dark RED PURPLE. Then of course we have a number of GREYS and brownish hues along with pure black. You’ll find a slightly stronger green on our cute, dotted silk top. Not to mention how BEAUTIFUL the ECRU white is on the smock blouse made of HANDWOVEN khadi fabric.