Our delightful UNDERSKIRT

A perfect match for just about anything. 
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Knitted, woven and jersey essentials

This autumn’s easy-to-wear essentials are an ideal match for the more extravagant pieces in our concept ranges, but they also work perfectly on their own. Our wide array of styles and colourways will allow you endless ways to express your own individuality. As always, everything is available in natural, eco-certified fabrics. 

Layer upon layer

Dare to mix colours and fabrics.
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Knitted wool 

Wear it over your favourite colour. 
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Why not wear what comes naturally?
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Long live linen

Indulge in the “Mirabelle” dress, crafted in 100% linen.
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Gudrun’s new simplicity 

A top in a lovely range of colours, and very good value.
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The balalaika dress 

Inspired by the Russian string instrument. 
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