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Cookies and personal information

Here at Gudrun Sjödén Design AB we want you to have every confidence in using our website, www.gudrunsjoden.com. This Policy Statement tells you about our website security and confidentiality, and covers the following topics:

  • Personal information
  • Encryption
  • Cookies
  • Links
  • Colours
  • Copyright

Personal information – we accept responsibility for any personal information, e.g. your name and address, which you disclose to us or which are shared with us when you register your details on our site before making a purchase or upon recruitment. Under the Swedish Personal Data Act, Gudrun Sjödén Design AB is required by law to protect your personal information. Gudrun Sjödén Design AB will not disclose your personal information to third parties. This means that your personal information will not be used outside of our company’s activities.

Why do we collect information and what kind of information is involved? - In placing an order on www.gudrunsjoden.com you consent to us storing and using your information in the same way as if you had made a mail order purchase. We use the information we collect in order to fulfil our transaction with you and provide the service you expect. We might be simply supplying the items you ordered, performing credit checks, mailing information about the Gudrun Sjödén Club and other offers for marketing purposes. If any problem arises when we come to supply items to you, we will then use the information you provided for contacting you.

Who do I contact to access what has been stored? – You are legally entitled to contact us to access the personal information registered on you. If the information is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request to have it amended or deleted. Please contact Ida Folmertz, ida.folmertz@gudrunsjoden.se

Encryption – In our webshop, we protect your personal information using encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and ensures that all information transmitted between the buyer and seller is encrypted.

Cookies – Gudrun Sjödén’s website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer/mobile device and contains no personal information. Cookies stored while you are visiting our website are called temporary cookies – these disappear when you close your browser. Cookies stored for longer are called permanent cookies. You can block the use of cookies at your option. In your browser settings, you can specify that cookies are not allowed. However, this will mean that you cannot access the website’s full functionality. Our webshop’s functionality is based on the use of cookies. This means you will no longer be able to purchase items from our webshop if you block cookies in your browser.

Cookies for a functioning webshop – We use both temporary and permanent cookies to give you the best possible experience on our webshop. These cookies allow items to be saved in your shopping basket, log you out of the site if you have been inactive for a while, and ensure you receive relevant information.

Cookies for analysis – We use cookies to analyse and enhance your experience on our webshop using e.g. third-party cookies from Google Analytics. Cookies used for analysis are both temporary cookies that save information about your session, and permanent cookies that remember if you return to our site later.

Other cookies – We use third-party cookies to make it easy for you to share our content in social media. We also use permanent third-party cookies in order to be able to make you relevant offers when you visit other websites/social networks.

Technical requirements – This website is designed to work smoothly for as many visitors as possible. Most of the features work in any browser. For the best experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of your browser.

Links – Here on www.gudrunsjoden.com you may find links to other websites. Gudrun Sjödén Design AB disclaims all liability for privacy protection or content on these sites.

Colours – There is no possibility for Gudrun Sjödén Design AB to guarantee accurate reproduction of the colours of the clothes. This depends on your computer and how you set it up.

Copyright – All content on this website is protected by international copyright laws.