Patterned organic cotton/linen jersey “Piaf": 70% cotton/30% linen. The cotton yarn is certified organic. The flax used to make the linen fabric has been dew-retted. This slow and natural process is regarded as eco-friendly as it uses minimal water with the sun, dew and moss doing the work. The dyeing and printing processes are certified as compliant with environmental standards. Delicate wash 30°. Gently stretch to length while damp. Do not tumble dry. 3-4% shrinkage. Made in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Gudrun’s Good Fibres


This item is made partly or entirely from a material grown and produced with sustainability in mind. The fibres we classify as good environmental options include organically grown fibres, recycled fibres, naturally retted flax, Tencel® lyocell, Lenzing Modal®, silk, alpaca wool, vegetable-tanned and -dyed leather along with wood and rubber. We audit manufacturer certifications and impose strict transparency requirements.

Gudrun’s Good Manufacturing


These products are manufactured entirely or largely at audited factories geared to the best possible production processes for the external environment and human health. We make strict requirements for all the influential processes in the manufacturing to be certified, in some cases all the way to the stitching factory. We recognise the GOTS, Fairtrade and STeP by OEKO-TEX standards.

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