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A new experimental Gudrun Sjödén store is evolving 


It is going to be an absolute necessity for any store that wants to survive in the wake of the pandemic to offer shoppers an EXPERIENCE that is personal and unique. With a large customer base spending in stores, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight for Gudrun Sjödén’s many stores, following an extremely tough year for in-store sales. 

This week, Gudrun Sjödén is re-opening her store on Stora Nygatan in the heart of the Gamla stan district of Stockholm. The walls are a blaze of colour and the floors have been revamped with a totally different design. All aimed at giving Gudrun customers a “thrilling” experience as the doors of the store re-open and reveal the new collection. But a great deal must be experienced DIGITALLY – we’re doing a LIVE stream on Facebook and Instagram during the new launch days (25 – 27 March). The new GUDRUNGOESWILDER-STOCKHOLM Facebook group has quickly attracted several thousand members in many countries in Asia, the US and Europe.

Global e-commerce – wind in the sails!

When customers are reluctant to go out and do their shopping in physical stores, they shop globally online. Gudrun Sjödén already has an efficient and seamless online store, generating global e-commerce with the strongest sales growth in the USA, and attracting masses of ‘visitors’ in Asia – what an exciting world we live in!


2020 was the best year ever for the Gudrun Sjödén brand

The company posted a turnover of SEK 871 million and achieved its best ever performance. “A fantastic year and a bright future for the brand, which will continue to expand through global e-commerce sales,” says Ann Adelsson, the newly appointed CEO of the company.




Gudrun Sjödén celebrates 25 years of organic cotton
Organic cotton – dear to our hearts for 25 years


In 1995, Gudrun Sjödén found her first supplier of organic cotton in the north of Greece. Since then, she has visited many cotton fields around the world. Textile production has advanced greatly over the years and accelerated the transformation to sustainable and closed-loop systems. Gudrun, her colleagues and customers around the world are celebrating this with a collection from the company’s first green supplier, Readytex, and a book that reflects on manufacturing and suppliers.

“Organic cotton – my favourite fibre. It was during the first wave of environmental awareness in the early 1990s that we found the Litsas family in northern Greece. Ever since then, we’ve been growing together – step by step. We’re celebrating 25 years of green cotton. Now that’s something worth celebrating! A flowing dress and a printed jersey top from my friends in Greece mark this special occasion, along with a book called “My textile threads”, in which I reflect on the many stages of textile production and our partnerships with suppliers in Europe, India and China”, 
says Gudrun Sjödén, CEO, owner and founder. 


25 years – a new collection made of organic cotton

Our design team has crafted two new items from soft organic cotton jersey in celebration of “Organic cotton 25 years”. A loose, flowing dress and a neat, little top in the same printed jersey fabric. Made by Readytex, our supplier for 25 years.


From seed to garment – a book about fabrics and manufacturing

Cotton seeds are sown in May and the crop is harvested in September. Using photos from her numerous visits to cotton fields and manufacturers, Gudrun describes and illustrates the whole process, from sowing the seeds, how crops are rotated, the design stage, how cotton is spun and woven, through to the production of the yarns and garments. It also includes excerpts from a collaborative project with the Swedish Aral Sea Society and the report written in 2010.


Gudrun Sjödén’s colourful world

Gudrun Sjödén is one of Sweden’s most successful designers whose brand is sold around the world. She has received numerous accolades as a designer and entrepreneur, and has been the no. 1 Swedish fashion label export for many years. For more than 40 years, she has been reaching audiences that are often deliberately disregarded by the fashion industry, designing clothes for women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Gudrun Sjödén opened her first store in central Stockholm in 1976. Her collections of unique designs, brilliant colours and pure natural fabrics were an instant success. Gudrun Sjödén has some 450 employees around the world and customers in more than 70 countries. Its products are sold through its e-commerce site, unique catalogues and 23 brand-owned stores in Europe and New York. Although the current situation is placing strain on the industry, Gudrun Sjödén continues to spread colourful joy among its customers and the company’s e-commerce remains on a positive trajectory.


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