Frequently asked questions

Here you can find commonly asked questions and their answers. If you can't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact our customer service at:

Freephone: +46-8-50 52 80 30

Opening hours (CET):
Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Log in

How do I log in on the website?
To be able to log in on our website you need to have registered an account either in the checkout or on our “create an account” page - found here. When you have created your account, a temporary password will be sent to the email address you registered. Follow the instructions in the email to choose a new password and log in to your new account.

If you already have an account, please log in with your email and chosen password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here, fill in your email address and we will send you a new temporary password. Use this to log in to your account where you will be asked to choose a new password for future use.

Why can’t I see my order on My pages?
If you have used a discount code or asked our customer service team to adjust your order, it takes a little bit longer to see your order under My pages due to manual handling.

Sizes and fits

What size am I?
If you don’t know what size you are, please have a look at our size guide here.

Gudrun’s thoughts about fits
Since we are mainly an online and catalogue brand, our view on fit, colours and sizes are based on how our customers shop from an image and a text. Therefore, we try to describe all info in our product images and texts that you need to know as a customer.

We make uncomplicated garments that suit all types of women around the globe. But since we are also a Swedish company, we see the importance of the Scandinavian feel in our products. We are a tall nation and therefore make our dresses and skirts cut to a generous length. The garments are generally loose-fitting – which makes shopping easier than if the item is figure hugging.

How does our fit translate?
We have four different types of tailoring.

The garment is close fitting, with a maximum of 6 cm room for movement around the bust and maximum 3 cm around the hips.

Standard fit
The garment has 7-16 cm room for movement around the bust and 4-12 cm around the hips.

Generous fit
A free and easy fit with at least 17 cm room for movement around the bust and 13 cm or more around the hips.

Extra generous fit
Lots of room for movement with 31 cm or more around the bust.

The choice of material also influences the amount of movement allowed by a garment. Knits and jersey-knits have more give in them than woven, less stretchy materials. That's why our weaves are often more generously tailored. For you to be as happy as possible with your purchases, we recommend that you spend a few moments taking your measurements and comparing them with our size chart that can be found here.

What are body measurements and garment measurements?
Body measurements are measurements taken from the body with a measuring tape. We have bust width, waist width, hip width, lengths for legs and arms.

Garment measurements tell you the length and width of the garment. You can find the garment measurements of each item on its product page. 

Bonus and gift vouchers 

How can I see if I have received a bonus voucher?
Customers who have made purchases during one calendar year totalling a value of €500 or more will receive a bonus voucher within the first months of the following year. You can see if you have received a bonus voucher when you log in and look under the ‘’My Bonus’’ tab on My pages. The bonus is valid throughout the rest of the year it’s been issued, it can be used both in stores and online.

How do I use my bonus voucher?
When you are logged in on our website you can use your bonus voucher under "Payment options" in the checkout. The voucher is available to use until the end of the year it is issued and can only be used once.

How do I use my gift card?
If you shop online, you can register the gift card at the checkout. Choose payment option ‘’Gift card’’, fill in the ID number on the card or the receipt and click ‘’Redeem gift voucher”. The order will be adjusted according to the amount on the gift card.

If you order your items via email or telephone, please contact our customer service to use your gift card or voucher. You can reach them here.

If the value of the gift card is higher than the order value, the gift card’s value is reduced after the purchase. You can then use the remaining amount on the gift card for another purchase. 

Stock and prices 

What does the “Take-2-price” mean?
If an item has a take-2-price it means that you can buy the item for a lower rate if you buy two. You don’t need to buy two of the same item, you can combine one with other take-2 items.

Why is one of my items labeled "backordered"?
If one or more of the items in your order is marked as backordered, it means that the item is currently sold out. It is still possible to order a backordered item. If you do, we will send you the item as soon as it comes back in stock. If the item goes out of stock permanently, you will receive a message regarding this and be refunded for the item that could not be delivered.

Terms of purchase and payment 

What is your return policy?
We accept all exchanges and returns for a full 30 days. You use your right to return by returning the goods, either in store or by parcel. In the case of returns, a deduction may be made depending on the condition of the goods. If you choose to cancel your purchase, you are responsible for the cost of the return freight.

What payment methods can I use?
You can pay by VISA and Mastercard. You can also use gift cards and bonus vouchers. 


Can the parcel be sent to a different address? 
Yes. To have your parcel sent to a different address than your billing address, tick the checkbox ‘’Yes I would like my order delivered to a different address” and fill in the information. 

Can I change my order?
It is not possible to change the order through the website, but please contact our customer service here and they’ll be happy to help!


Can I track my parcel?
To track your delivery, you need the parcel’s ID. You can find this under ’’My purchases” on My pages when you log in to your account and in the order confirmation email sent out to you after the purchase.

You can track your parcel on

Please note that there are different delivery options for different countries and that therefore the tracking options may vary.

How does home delivery work?
If you choose to have your parcel delivered to your home, the parcel is delivered directly to your door. You will receive an e-mail from UPS with your tracking number to allow you to follow the progress of the delivery.

What does the moisture absorbing pouch in my parcel contain?
You may have noticed our mail order parcels sometimes contain a small moisture absorbing pouch. This small sachet protects the contents of your parcel from the effects of changing temperatures and other climate-related factors during transport and storage. The absorbing agent inside the sachet is a mixture of salt and starch, which is completely harmless and can be disposed of as waste for incineration.


I would like to return one or more items, what do I do? 
In your parcel there is a return label. To return one or more products you fill in the return label and place it together with the items you would like to return in the parcel. Then you can either drop it off at your UPS access point or book for it to be collected by calling UPS Customer Services. UPS will pick up your parcel at a location agreed with you. Remember to always retain your delivery note, where you will find all the essential information, including your return parcel number.

You can alternatively choose to return items at your own cost using another shipping method.

When not using the pre-paid return label the return address is:
Gudrun Sjödén Mail Order
Box 47 633
SE-117 94  Stockholm

Note that it is you who is responsible for sending the return and that the return reaches us. Please ensure that you have proof of postage.

What if I have complaints about a products quality?
You have the right to make a complaint about a garment within 3 years, provided that it concerns a manufacturing error. It is therefore important that you make your complaint within reasonable time. We will refund the cost of return postage in the event of an approved complaint.

What does it cost to return one or more products?
The costs of returning when using the pre-paid return label is €10. If you are returning items, the cost of return postage will be deducted during the refunding process except in the case of a exchange or complaint.

If you use a different shipping method than the pre-paid label it is up to you to pay the return postage. You cannot return the parcel using COD.

Can I send products from different orders in the same parcel when returning?
Yes. You can return items from different orders in the same parcel, but please ensure that the correct return labels are included for each item.

How do I know if my return has reached you?
If you have an email registered to your customer number you will receive an email the same day as the return is processed.
If you do not have an email registered you are welcome to contact our customer support here to ensure the return has arrived.