Graphic designs in black and white

Graphic patterns on natural fabrics

“Flora” woven organic cotton dress
“Melodica” organic cotton shawl

Melodic patterns make any outfit dance.
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“Bolivia” organic cotton jersey tunic


Designs with figures, flowers and stripes.

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Cheerful accents on elegant black
“Florian” organic cotton sweater

A reinvention of the popular “Happy Crazy Birdie” jumper.
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“Fauna” velour dress

in our sophisticated velour dress. 
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“Fauna” velour dress

on soft cotton velour.  

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“Florian” organic cotton sweater

Treat yourself to a knitted jumper with a cheerful pattern.
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“Bolivia” organic cotton jersey trousers

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Diana’s sketchbook is filled with bright and colourful ideas. Her Bolivian background is often evident.