This year's innovation is a little hand-painted wreath of metal flowers »

Fine craftsmanship! "Samode" wool rug »

Practical and decorative “Amaryllis” apron »

Take a flight of fancy
and deck out the table with layered linens.

Host a party inspired by India or some other exotic, faraway place… On our travels, we soak up all kinds of impressions. The “Samode” floral motif was inspired by the grand “Samode Bagh” gardens outside Jaipur, and the embroidered rug and seat cushion were hand-embroidered in Kashmir. 

Helping to preserve these skilled crafts is our passion! 

Papier-mâché Christmas-tree baubles »

An exquisite mug is an everyday luxury everyone deserves!
Here we designed one with our exquisitely showy "Samode" floral motif - to make everyday
life special

Sit superbly on a hand-embroidered seat cushion. 
Place it directly on the floor or on a stool.

Place the runner lengthways, widthways or diagonally. 
Anything goes for your spin on the festive season!

Amazing textile ARTISTRY
Our skilled artisans have crafted true works of art. Each item is unique, and preserving traditional crafts is our passion

Long live traditional crafts!

Deck out your table for festive dining