1 blouse – 3 colours – 3 patterns
The block-print pattern on our “Soho” blouse was created by skilful artisans in Jaipur. Each colourway has its own unique design.

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A modest price for a lot of craft

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“The ancient technique of block printing must never be allowed to disappear”
Our “Soho” dress and blouse with their genuine block-print pattern were created by skilful artisans in India. By continuing to use an age-old technique, we pay tribute to this traditional craft that might otherwise easily be forgotten.

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Bringing out the beauty of an old technique like block printing is a passion of mine. The subtle differences in the shades and motifs are so incredibly beautiful. No two dresses look alike. And that’s so nice when almost everything today is being mass produced. My happiness is complete if the dress is dyed with natural indigo in an indigo pit in a village in Rajasthan.