Bright colours like

“I have reworked the
cacti in Miró’s garden into
new designs.”

Organic cotton cardigan
– covered in cacti!

– cacti & succulents

My own holiday week on Mallorca sparked the creation of the Summer Collection. Such a wonderful climate and steeped in history. Numerous artists have lived and worked here. The Miró museum made a great impression on me. This unusual artist lived here in an ancient Spanish stone house, with a garden full of cacti and succulents.

Wow! I thought, and the inspiration surged through me. The cactus family includes so many amazing shapes. Back in the hotel room with my creativity flowing, I produced small watercolours of different cacti. Thankfully the room had a table where I could sit and paint. Through the open window, facing the alley, I could hear the waves breaking on the beach and the odd dog barking. There was a café round the corner which allows customers to bring their dogs. I find that charming!

Join me on my travels among the colours of the Mediterranean and bright artistic splashes. 

Warmest summery wishes,