We almost reach the Equator as we travel south on our trip to the four points of the compass. Bathed in the setting sun’s warm, colourful rays, the fauna and flora of the African savannah give our designers, Pia and Mia, their inspiration. 



Zebra and Zuri 
Bracelets with threads and knots in eye-catching colour combinations, and a dress or an artist’s smock, where proud zebras flock. 
Zuri bracelet at a take-2-price »  /  Zebra dress »



Discover our artisan accessories crafted from wood and fabric remnants. 
Bracelet at a take-2-price »  /  Necklace »



Compelling contrasts
This compact collection of clothes combines brownish-black, rust red and natural, warm, earthy tones with “Sahara”, our new, warm shade of yellow. We’ve thrown in touches of blue for a bit of excitement – contrasts that make the colours quiver, like the heat over the savannah at sunset.