Gudrun Sjödén

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    • Trousers in cotton/silk
      Trousers in cotton/silk
      Price US$ 108
    • Kantha  eco-cotton waistcoat
      Kantha eco-cotton waistcoat
      Price US$ 108
    • “Sally” linen/cotton jacket
      “Sally” linen/cotton jacket
      Price US$ 398
    • Pansy  micromodal/elastane dress
      Pansy micromodal/elastane dress
      Price US$ 88
    • Julia  eco-cotton/lambswool sweater
      Julia eco-cotton/lambswool sweater
      Price US$ 128
    • Pansy  trousers in micromodal/elastane
      Pansy trousers in micromodal/elastane
      Price US$ 78
    • Embroidered sateen blouse
      Embroidered sateen blouse
      Price US$ 78
    • “Lucknow” necklace
      “Lucknow” necklace
      Price US$ 18
    • Lucknow  sateen dress
      Lucknow sateen dress
      Price US$ 98
    • Tessan  wool/elastane terry socks
      Tessan wool/elastane terry socks
      Price US$ 25
    • Velour skirt in eco-cotton/polyester
      Velour skirt in eco-cotton/polyester
      Price US$ 68
    • Ribbed dress in modal/eco-cotton/elastane
      Ribbed dress in modal/eco-cotton/elastane
      Nice-price US$ 65
    • Velour dress in eco-cotton/polyester
      Velour dress in eco-cotton/polyester
      Price US$ 118
    • Teresa  eco-cotton kimono
      Teresa eco-cotton kimono
      Price US$ 69
    • Velour tunic in eco-cotton/polyester
      Velour tunic in eco-cotton/polyester
      Price US$ 128
    • Tessan  camisole in micromodal/elastane
      Tessan camisole in micromodal/elastane
      Price US$ 55
    • Lucknow" sateen jacket
      Lucknow" sateen jacket
      Price US$ 98
    • Brooch in silver-plated zinc
      Brooch in silver-plated zinc
      Price US$ 18
    • Velour trousers in eco-cotton/polyester
      Velour trousers in eco-cotton/polyester
      Price US$ 88
    • Kantha  eco-cotton bag
      Kantha eco-cotton bag
      Price US$ 45
    • Tessan  micromodal/elastane nightdress
      Tessan micromodal/elastane nightdress
      Price US$ 85
    • Helleborus  sweater in boiled wool
      Helleborus sweater in boiled wool
      Price US$ 98
    • Helleborus  silk shawl
      Helleborus silk shawl
      Price US$ 48
    • Dip-dye  long cardigan in boiled wool
      Dip-dye long cardigan in boiled wool
      Price US$ 155
      Club price US$ 135
    • Teresa  eco-cotton trousers
      Teresa eco-cotton trousers
      Price US$ 58
    • Hortensia  lyocell/cotton dress
      Hortensia lyocell/cotton dress
      Price US$ 95
    • Felicita  cotton tunic
      Felicita cotton tunic
      Price US$ 168
      Club price US$ 148
    • Hortensia  lyocell/cotton tunic
      Hortensia lyocell/cotton tunic
      Price US$ 85
    • Pansy  micromodal/elastane tunic
      Pansy micromodal/elastane tunic
      Price US$ 85
    • Yelena  modal dress
      Yelena modal dress
      Earlybird price US$ 65
    • Tessan  micromodal/elastane briefs
      Tessan micromodal/elastane briefs
      Price US$ 22
    • “Lucknow” brooch
      “Lucknow” brooch
      Price US$ 18
    • Cotton/silk skirt
      Cotton/silk skirt
      Price US$ 98
    • Folkkonst  wool/lyocell cardigan
      Folkkonst wool/lyocell cardigan
      Price US$ 125
    • “Folkkonst” dress in eco-cotton
      “Folkkonst” dress in eco-cotton
      Price US$ 98
    • Papier-mâché Christmas-tree baubles
      Papier-mâché Christmas-tree baubles
      Price US$ 5
    • Belém"  bath towel
      Belém" bath towel
      Price US$ 48
    • “Folkkonst” wooden key cupboard
      “Folkkonst” wooden key cupboard
      Price US$ 59
    • “Pingla” notebook, 2-pack
      “Pingla” notebook, 2-pack
      Price US$ 8
    • “Pingla” small paper gift bag
      “Pingla” small paper gift bag
      Price US$ 5
    • “Sally” eco-cotton tablecloth
      “Sally” eco-cotton tablecloth
      Price US$ 49
    • “Fågel” wooden Christmas decoration
      “Fågel” wooden Christmas decoration
      Price US$ 7
    • “Folkkonst” eco-cotton table runner
      “Folkkonst” eco-cotton table runner
      Price US$ 54
      Club price US$ 44
    • “Folkkonst” ceramic mug
      “Folkkonst” ceramic mug
      Price US$ 10
    • “Sally” wooden trinket box
      “Sally” wooden trinket box
      Price US$ 29
    • “Lucknow” small throw in cotton velvet
      “Lucknow” small throw in cotton velvet
      Price US$ 55
    • “Folkkonst” eco-cotton tablecloth
      “Folkkonst” eco-cotton tablecloth
      Price US$ 44
    • “Sally” eco-cotton curtain valance
      “Sally” eco-cotton curtain valance
      Price US$ 29
    • “Fågelbo” metal candle tree
      “Fågelbo” metal candle tree
      Price US$ 89
    • “Teresa” paper advent star
      “Teresa” paper advent star
      Price US$ 20
    •  “Lucknow” cotton velvet cushion cover
      “Lucknow” cotton velvet cushion cover
      Earlybird price US$ 29
    • Papier-mâché Christmas-tree baubles
      Papier-mâché Christmas-tree baubles
      Price US$ 5
    • “Folkkonst” paper napkins
      “Folkkonst” paper napkins
      Price US$ 4
    • “Sally” fabric in eco-cotton
      “Sally” fabric in eco-cotton
      Price US$ 22
    • “Pingla” large paper gift bag
      “Pingla” large paper gift bag
      Price US$ 8
    • “Sally” apron in eco-cotton
      “Sally” apron in eco-cotton
      Price US$ 29
    • “Saffran” eco-cotton tea towel, 2-pack
      “Saffran” eco-cotton tea towel, 2-pack
      Price US$ 17
    • “Folkkonst” wooden trinket box
      “Folkkonst” wooden trinket box
      Price US$ 74
    • “Belém” terry bathrobe in eco-cotton
      “Belém” terry bathrobe in eco-cotton
      Price US$ 134

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