Pattern play on knitted, woven and jersey styles.


A versatile piece you can easily pair with countless other styles.
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2text_uk.gifflourishing on understated black.
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Creative combos

Two favourite materials in one and the same garment.
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4text_uk.gifWhen life gives you lemons, wear them on a linen blouse.
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A sleeveless button-through dress. 
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As you like it

Create a wild mix of lovely layers. 
“Rudbeckia” cardigan” »
“Rudbeckia” tunic »
“Yuzu” blouse »

Indigo blue

with heather accents – simply stunning! 
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8text_uk.gifon organic and recycled cotton. 
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Our popular smock blouse

comes adorned with cheery melons. 
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Anything is possible

in a world of magic. 
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Aqua green paired with soft red and indigo blue.
“Melon” smock blouse »

and a pattern rich in vitamin C.
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