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Floral designs and natural fabrics

Our Autumn dress is certain to be a favourite in many Gudrun wardrobes this autumn. Perfect to wear over a ruffle skirt in a bold contrasting colour.

Opal green, cedar and jade are some of the shades in the green colourway.

Inspiration Gertrude Jekyll


All garments are available in agate red too.

Flowers and gardens are sources of inspiration.
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Delicate flower in rich colours


Fingerless gloves – handy for gardening?

Rich designs
The coatigan is so thick it’s like outerwear.

Layered looks
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Inspiration Gertrude Jekyll

We find broccoli, different coloured cabbages, onions and lots of herbs in the garden.


The grey colour scheme has the scent of earth, rainwater and soil

Inspiration Gertrude Jekyll

Herringbone pattern
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Cosy coatigan
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