Patterned clothing

Dots, stripes, florals and multi-patterned. Gudrun’s patterned clothing comes in every shape and colour. The motifs often start out as watercolours painted by Gudrun at her island home. She paints the designs on a large sheet of paper and then brings them into the design team at the office. The design can then be printed digitally printed straight onto the garment, and machine-stitched too in next to no time. Other times, it’s a slow process, with hand-embroidery done by a skilled artisan directly on the garment. The process before Gudrun’s clothing lands on the webshop or on store shelves is often pretty lengthy.

Whether you are looking for patterened tops, skirts, dresses, or accessories, Gudrun Sjödén carries a wide variety of styles and designs so you can find what you are looking for. Our collections and designs are inspired by nature and other cultures and countries. From florals and dots to stripes and checks, find a pattern that fits your personal style.

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