Blouses in bloom

Get a wardrobe upgrade in the form of a beautiful blouse! Have a browse of our lovely natural fibres such as linen, organic cotton and silk. Wear your blouse layered with other styles or as a statement piece – anything goes.  We’re excited to see what you’ll choose!

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Are you looking for an elegant blouse for next month’s party or blouses to wear to work? We have styles to suit all occasions in our range. How about adding a classic black cotton or linen blouse to your essentials wardrobe? This piece is a sure-fire wardrobe hero that you can team with almost anything, so you’re prepared for whatever the day has to offer.

If it’s a party blouse you need, you have plenty of choice. A blouse with embroidered detailing adds a touch of sophistication, which may be just what you need when the occasion calls for a more dressed-up look. The fabric can also help turn up the festive vibes. A boldly coloured silk blouse provides the perfect balance of comfort and elegance.

A short-sleeve blouse is the obvious choice in warmer weather. Choose a linen blouse and you’ll be dressed just right for the season. A short-sleeve blouse can work equally well in autumn or winter when worn together with a snug cardigan.

To sum up – choose a blouse to suit your style, the occasion and the weather and remember to let your personality come through in what you wear. A charming pattern, a favourite colour or an exciting new silhouette that gets your heart in a flutter is worth more than you might think!