Contrasting stitches, crowned with flowers 
”Flowers” rug »  /  ”Fields” tablecloth » 

Style your home with patterns

Delightfully irregular check pattern.
Table runner »  /  Tea towel » 

“Tree of life” patterns

Our version of the tree of life is a banyan tree, which we’ve decked with animals, flowers and exotic fruits. 

Soft, rich patterns 
“Tulipanaros” »  /  “Tree of life” »

Bountiful blooms from floor to ceiling
Curtain » / Cushion cover »Rug » 

Floors with happy vibes 
“Tulipanaros” hallway mat » 

Mix and match
The combined elements create a melodious cacophony of joyful colour and creativity.

Threads of life in the tree of life
Curtain » / Table runner » / Tea towel »


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