Fail-safe tunics

Style up your wardrobe with a tunic in your favourite colour. Choose from fine natural fabrics such as lustrous linen and soft organic cotton. Pair with leggings, trousers or a flowing long skirt – there’s a style for every occasion! 

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Tunics come in a range of cuts and designs. Tunics with pockets, tunics embellished with embroidery, tunics for the beach, tunics with a pattern design, black tunics, tunics for festive occasions and everyday tunics. No matter what you’re looking for, tunics are always a good choice. They are versatile, timeless and work well with most styles.  

What is the difference between a tunic and a dress? For us, a tunic is slightly shorter and usually hits just above the knee or mid-thigh. While a dress can be any length, from mini to maxi. Tunics are such versatile pieces because they pair so well with leggings, tights, trousers and skirts. A tunic with buttons can be worn either open or buttoned up for variation. If you wear it unbuttoned, you can match it with a fine top and a pair of trousers. Buttoned up, it looks good with leggings or tights.

Gudrun Sjödén’s tunics come in a great choice of cuts, styles and fits – from slim to oversize. Are you looking for a tunic that works for you as a plus size? Many of our tunics have a generous silhouette and are crafted from soft, fluid fabrics. Happy hunting for tunics!