all around the globe

The world is my playing field – colourful, patternful and multicultural. That’s the storyline conveyed by my Christmas catalogue. Delve into every culture and every continent, and they reveal so many common traits. Among them, the world of folk art tradition is almost always colourful and distinctive. Typically featuring flowers and birds, or symmetrical motifs of zig-zags, dots and stripes. As ever, the textile materials and textile techniques are also focal for the Gudrun Sjödén design team. In fact, these are our passion! All our growth rings combined make us skilled at what we do.

As the holidays approach, we turn our sights to the wider world, and see the deprivations of loneliness, grief and poverty. As a company, and for me as a business owner, there are many opportunities to do our bit and try to make a difference. All of my staff, and my customers too, are committed to being part of a world that does its bit and is open to everyone, on their own terms. 

I often recall Swedish scientist, Professor Hans Rosling, and the title of his memoirs “How I Learned to Understand the World”. Here we bring you a collection, a presentation of “How I learned about the world and connected with it”.

Wishing you all the happiest holidays!